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The following table lists the average download and upload speed results from various countries to Stormwind's VPN Service in real time. Every time a user does a speedtest the results are stored and averages updated. The listing shown as Stormwind's VPN Service displays the average speeds users are getting through the VPN service from all countries combined together.

CountryAverage DownloadAverage Upload# SpeedtestsMost Recent
Afghanistan227.4 Kbps157.7 Kbps612-31-2014 03:59:21
Albania3.6 Mbps1.1 Mbps501-13-2020 20:57:15
Argentina10.7 Mbps849 Kbps112-21-2017 00:40:46
ATT 4G Cell Service12.2 Mbps1.8 Mbps1209-30-2015 05:39:56
Australia2.6 Mbps691 Kbps406-02-2017 20:49:03
Austria4.9 Mbps1.8 Mbps103-25-2016 06:50:56
Azerbaijan2.5 Mbps1.4 Mbps301-03-2015 11:47:50
Bangladesh596.1 Kbps229.1 Kbps612-14-2017 23:23:32
Brazil2.2 Mbps1.1 Mbps612-30-2014 17:20:55
Canada18.2 Mbps13.6 Mbps2409-24-2019 23:27:02
Chad3 Mbps542 Kbps112-21-2018 02:32:10
China5.8 Mbps2.6 Mbps1709-04-2020 16:29:35
Cyprus10 Mbps1003 Kbps108-23-2019 17:22:51
Czech Republic551 Kbps617.4 Kbps104-12-2015 00:47:07
Czechia10.3 Mbps2.7 Mbps206-22-2020 10:35:01
Djibouti4.5 Mbps668.3 Kbps308-30-2016 06:51:43
Dominican Republic4.1 Mbps779.5 Kbps209-06-2017 08:43:16
Egypt1.6 Mbps629.5 Kbps905-19-2017 05:35:05
Ethiopia136.5 Kbps19.5 Kbps101-01-2015 02:27:35
France30.9 Mbps30.3 Mbps902-07-2020 01:35:54
Germany5 Mbps1.8 Mbps2306-07-2018 06:05:46
Ghana9.3 Mbps6.6 Mbps508-28-2019 07:13:21
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan48.4 Mbps2.8 Mbps3607-06-2020 12:00:42
Hong Kong2.4 Mbps2.9 Mbps204-01-2020 00:01:10
Hungary18.6 Mbps2 Mbps1601-27-2019 12:36:10
India13 Mbps3.6 Mbps907-16-2020 04:11:46
Indonesia4.1 Mbps811.2 Kbps1405-07-2019 07:05:14
Iraq933.5 Kbps3.1 Mbps210-12-2015 10:07:04
Italy2 Mbps338.9 Kbps101-13-2015 17:43:42
Ivory Coast236.6 Kbps241 Kbps101-29-2015 10:30:20
Jamaica18.4 Mbps6 Mbps206-17-2017 16:33:23
Japan9.8 Mbps4.2 Mbps811-09-2015 06:48:24
Kazakhstan1003 Kbps1.6 Mbps103-16-2017 09:36:44
Kenya6 Mbps1.1 Mbps711-22-2019 03:28:37
Latvia16.4 Mbps7.9 Mbps312-21-2020 10:47:29
Lebanon4 Mbps2.9 Mbps501-30-2018 10:38:08
Malaysia2.3 Mbps1.2 Mbps1907-24-2018 00:47:16
Mexico40.4 Mbps6 Mbps1009-20-2017 08:54:21
Mongolia3 Mbps2 Mbps312-30-2014 20:57:24
Morocco4 Mbps774.5 Kbps810-24-2018 06:06:32
Netherlands11.1 Mbps4 Mbps502-16-2015 08:40:46
New Zealand5.6 Mbps4.7 Mbps104-05-2016 04:09:23
Oman2 Mbps636.1 Kbps503-10-2018 04:57:36
Pakistan1.3 Mbps308.7 Kbps102-28-2015 01:59:46
Peru204 Kbps204 Kbps109-24-2020 17:04:35
Philippines703.8 Kbps327.2 Kbps901-27-2015 05:28:53
Poland229.8 Kbps389.8 Kbps101-04-2015 14:36:03
Qatar665.9 Kbps1.2 Mbps312-31-2014 00:39:16
Republic of Korea1.7 Mbps580.2 Kbps102-06-2015 01:21:39
Republic of the Congo18.4 Kbps19.7 Kbps312-30-2014 14:37:29
Russia4.9 Mbps4 Mbps701-07-2021 10:28:28
Senegal1.1 Mbps321.5 Kbps203-05-2017 08:31:27
Singapore21.4 Mbps17.9 Mbps806-21-2020 04:35:58
Slovakia409 Kbps3.6 Mbps110-23-2017 03:55:40
Somalia458 Kbps77 Kbps105-07-2016 07:16:57
Stormwind Test Lab19 Mbps3.7 Mbps26503-03-2018 19:22:53
Stormwind VPN Service5.7 Mbps1.9 Mbps32901-05-2018 07:22:35
Switzerland74.4 Mbps49.7 Mbps101-06-2021 08:52:00
Taiwan28.6 Mbps17.2 Mbps208-16-2018 07:15:24
Tajikistan743.2 Kbps934.2 Kbps1112-30-2014 20:51:07
Thailand16.3 Mbps7.2 Mbps1701-10-2018 05:03:12
Tunisia1.9 Mbps652.7 Kbps1601-04-2018 01:46:14
Turkey67.3 Mbps3.8 Mbps2008-04-2019 11:25:27
Ukraine1 Mbps585.2 Kbps312-31-2014 09:27:51
United Arab Emirates14.8 Mbps2.8 Mbps1503-10-2020 10:48:56
United Kingdom4.8 Mbps1.7 Mbps2702-24-2021 13:26:45
United States38.7 Mbps34 Mbps84503-04-2021 05:34:27
Vietnam22.3 Mbps16.8 Mbps509-04-2019 06:20:30
What are the factors that determine your speed test results?
1. The performance and configuration of your computer's firewall and antivirus software.
2. The performance of the network equipment in your home.
3. The bandwidth rate you purchased from your ISP.
4. How much your local ISP has oversubscribed their internet service to you.
5. Your country's internet inspection tools.
6. If you live overseas, the current performance of the submarine internet cables. Under sea earthquakes have severed cables and degraded service.
7. Performance of Stormwind's ISP Service.
8. Performance of Stormwind's network equipment.

As a point of reference, you will never get a faster bandwidth speed than the speed you purchased from your ISP. Stormwind's Test Lab has purchased a 12 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload bandwidth service from our local ISP. As you can see, the average download and upload speeds are near the purchased service levels. Stormwind has purchased a bandwidth rate of 100Mbps download and 100Mbps upload for the VPN Service.

How can I get faster speed test results?
1. You have the most control over three of the factors listed above.
   a) Your computer
   b) Your house network
   c) Your level of purchased ISP service

2. The biggest performance increase will most likely come from increasing your purchased bandwidth rate from your local ISP. However, the bottleneck might be ISP oversubscribing or inspection tools watching network traffic going in and out of the country. You might try to find a friend who has a faster service to test with before upgrading.

3. The next best thing would be to have a computer professional review your computer to ensure it is not outdated and has properly configured firewall and antivirus software. Adding more RAM and a faster hard disk to your computer will help the computer perform better. Again, test with a friend's faster computer to Stormwind's Speedtest site to ensure that is an issue.

4. Finally, ensure your home network equipment (sometimes provided by the ISP) is no older than 3 years old. That will generally make sure your equipment has the latest performance capability. If you have Apple products (Macbook, iphone, ipad, etc) then our recommendation is to also have Apple network gear for your home to ensure 100% compatibility in the firmware of those devices talking to one another. We have seen mixed firmware environments degrade or drop network connections between devices.